Bluff CityTri-Art Theatre Company

The WTFM was founded in 2010 by Karen Moore and Ruby O'Gray. The purpose of WTFM is to...

*Introduce an environment that explores the female experience

*Produce the highest quality of theatrical productions that express the human condition in the female   voice to West Tennessee audiences

*Highlight and award the contributions of women to theatre arts 

*Educate and increase participation of women in theatre arts

*Present educational workshops in theatre disciplines and the business of theatre

*Introduce new technology and examine how it can/has improved the theatre.

*Encourage networking opportunities for women theatre artists in the region

                                                                                *Create awareness of professional opportunities for women in the business of theatre arts

                                                                                *Make Memphis the Mecca for theatre in the region

                                                                                *Increase revenue and tourism to the City of Memphis